Now that you are engaged you should be prepared for all of the questions…Have a short, simple and well rehearsed answer ready!

How did he do it? Was it a surprise? Did you have any idea? Did you pick out the ring together? What did your mom say when you told her? Did he cry? Have you picked a date yet?

As overwhelming as it might seem, these questions are coming! Every person wants to know all of the details so be prepared for all of the questions. Have a short, simple and well rehearsed answer ready. Save something to the notes section of your phone so you avoid typing it out 50 times and don’t feel intimidated or forced to answer questions you haven’t thought of yet. Remember, the engagement is about your MARRIAGE and love for each other, not about The Big Day.  Don't lose sight of that once that beautiful ring is on your hand.

You don't HAVE to take their advice but listen and take it with a grain of salt.

People can’t help but want to provide you with an abundance of information based on their personal experiences. They will try to recommend places to check out, people to call, vendors they swear by and a list of things you should stay totally away from. That is great! Take this with a grain of salt... Listen to what they have to say but ultimately it’s your day and you and your fiancé have the final say.


Here are the top 7 things to NOT do when you first get engaged!

1.Do NOT Announce It on Social Media (Before You Call Your Parents)

Congratulations, you're engaged! Take a deep breath and think of those who you need to CALL, FaceTime (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Best Friend etc.) As eager as you are to immediately post the photo of you and your new Hubby to be on social media... do your du diligence and make the personal calls (you’ll thank me later). You wouldn’t want to start this new chapter in your life with your family being upset at you because of something as silly as them finding out on Facebook and not from your directly.

2.Pick your wedding party

I have seen it first hand and can promise you this is something you really want to take your time with. As excited as you are to make the "Will you be my bridesmaid" box and ask your bestie to stand up with you, take the time to really think about it. Your wedding could be a few years away and things can change in the drop of a hat. Be patient with this, it's better to wait and ask someone later than to ask someone and regret the decision.

3.Start making promises

It's better to say "We haven't decided yet" or "We are still working on those details" than to make empty promises. This can be something as simple as telling your friends they can have a plus one, or announcing the venue you think you might want to book but haven't yet. Make sure you do your research, establish your budget and determine how big of a wedding you are having before you start to make bold statements. If you decide to have a small wedding, and have ready given out verbal invites and set higher expectations than you can afford to uphold you may regret it in the end.

4.Wear a ring that doesn't fit

For heavens sake get your ring sized! I know you want to show off your new bling but if you are walking around with a ring that is too big, there is a good chance it might find it's way off your finger and then you are in big trouble. If you want to wear it the first couple of weeks to show it off, be sure to at least get a spacer, take it off when you sleep and get it insured in the meantime!

5.Don't book anything

Take your time... no need to get trigger happy. Be sure to do your research on your vendors, ask for testimonials and figure out your budget ( aka who is paying for what) before you start sending deposits out. You don't want to make any decisions before you know exactly what you want and have priced out all of your options.

6. Don't forget about your significant other!

If you are the bride-to-be you are probably getting most of the attention as you show off the beautiful new bling on your left hand! Don't forget about your fiance! They went to so much effort finding the perfect ring, keeping it a secret, planning the perfect proposal and now all of the attention is on you.  Be sure to give credit where it is due and remember this is a celebration of the two of you.

7. Pick your wedding band right away

This is one that comes from first hand experience... When we went to pick my engagement ring I was absolutely in awe that is was really happening. The sales person at the jewellery store offered us a deal on my wedding band and not thinking I picked impulsively. Fast forward a few months, I ended up not loving my wedding band and had to order a new one. We lost out on the warranty because of this as the warranty did not transfer to the new ring. You also only have a limited number of days to return the ring after purchase so be sure you take your time and pick one you love. After all, you will be wearing it the rest of your life!