"Cheriss was absolutely amazing! We hired Cheriss for the day of our wedding to help pull everything together and be the main point of contact. It was the best decision we made! She helped execute our wedding flawlessly. Even before we needed something, she was already there. She made sure our guests, family, and wedding party were well taken care of the entire day. Cheriss, thank you so
much for being the most killer wedding planner and making our day that much better - we absolutely adore you!"


"Cheriss is absolutely amazing. We needed someone to pick-up and deliver our flowers to the reception hall the day of our wedding. Knowing it would stress me out, she immediately said she would take care of this task for me. Cheriss not only completed the task, but went above and beyond ensure that there was nothing out of place at the hall. I would recommend Cheriss to any bride in a heartbeat."

Cheriss is absolutely amazing at what she does. I got married this past Saturday and she was a fill in for our original event coordinator. She got the call the morning of the wedding to fill in and she made everything run so seamlessly...like she was the planner from the beginning. We love her!! Thanks again for all your hard work."- Nikki 


"I was a bridesmaid in a wedding this past weekend and Cheriss was amazing! She was accommodating kept up happy and made us feel like we had no worries! She knew exactly what to do before we asked or told her to, she was okay with last minute changes and best of yet she had a beautiful smile on her face and a great sense of humor! If anyone wants an amazing wedding planner she's your girl! "- Amanda Rooth (Bridesmaid) 


"Cheriss was at our daughter's wedding. She was instrumental in organizing our family photos. She is very good at taking control and getting things done!!"

"Cheriss is one of the most eager and best organized people I know. I  recall having to ask Cheriss a number of times – including at the last minute – to step in and represent the College in a variety of settings. I can always count on her to represent the FSU and student body in a positive light and appreciates her ability to manage a project from start to a successful finish. “Having a person like Cheriss makes my job a lot easier,” Matt Stewart ( Fanshawe Student Union President )

“For someone as accomplished as she is, there’s no ego or expectation of recognition, She just does it because it’s being exceptional.” Heather Cummings ( Fanshawe’s executive director of student success. )


Haley Thuss Photography

"Cheriss helped to ensure that my wedding day went off without a hitch. We started our planning process almost immediately after I let her know I was engaged. I let her know specific vendors I was using and the venue and she took it from there. I thought I was an organized Bride but Cheriss took my planning to a whole new level. Just when you think you've thought of everything, Cheriss is there to ask you many, many questions about things you could have potentially missed. A hard worker, dedicated and task focused, Cheriss had all of my information logged in spreadsheets and always readily available when I had questions.

Come the day before, day of and day after the Ceremony - I couldn't have done it without her. Cheriss was there the day before to help teach us different napkin techniques as well as to help organize our tables and place settings and she wanted to know exactly who was to be there the day of.The day of, I KNOW could have been a disaster if I didn't have her there every step of the way organizing guests, vendors and any other little detail that came up that we might not have anticipated.The day after is the day you dread... take down day... We showed up to our venue and to our surprise, Cheriss and her assistant had already vigorously worked away taking all rentals and packing them up, cleaning the venue, and organizing piles of things that belong to different people.I highly recommend Cheriss and I know my day wouldn't have been the same if she wasn't there.THANK YOU!"   Jessica Sweet (Bride)

 I would be honoured to work with you again, and see all your talents in action. You have a passion to make couples feel relaxed and supported throughout the entire process of planning a wedding. I wish you continued success, and cannot wait to see you again! Congratulations Jessicaand Wade McDonald - your an adorable couple and we were so honoured to be a part of your special day! ...love, Team Dias

Tina and Mikey Dias ( Wedding Officiants)

“I work with many student and community organizers and Cheriss has been the most impressive that I have encountered to date. She absolutely without a doubt is one of the top most efficient volunteers in the community.

Cheriss created some of the best fundraising proposals I have ever seen, impressive considering Cheriss is not a professional fundraiser and is doing this out of a sheer passion to give back to her community while simultaneously carrying a full course load.” Denise Love (Area coordinator of the Heart ad Stroke foundation’s London office)

"Cheriss planned and executed a stellar event while I was speaking at Fanshawe College - I pitched her a Ladies Night concept and wow... Did she deliver!! From decor, to activities, mocktails and door prizes, her loving hand was in every detail. Doing that, Cheriss and her team were able to truly transform the campus pub into a lovely oasis, a safe warm space for young women to share and express their deepest hurts. I returned the following year ... same event, but no Cheriss ... and it wasnt even close. Imitated but never duplicated!! She truly cares about people and serving them with the best possible experience. Id work with her ANY day and if shes doing the event ... Youre in good hands!!!" 

Nova Browning Rutherford ( Mental Health Speaker and Empowerment Coach)